Why You Should Think Carefully About Those Car Modifications You Dream Of



You could be inflating your insurance premiums through the roof!

The specialized car modifications you have installed may look great, and make you the envy of everyone you pass, but you should think carefully before doing anything else. An auto insurance provider will look very closely at your adjustments and either build a more expensive policy around them or simply deny you coverage. Your insurance premiums would therefore skyrocket or disappear altogether.

Why You Should Think Carefully About Those Car Modifications You Dream Of

It is a matter of style, and you would like your individuality to shine, but those 20 inch mag wheels or racing style steering wheel can really increase your rate when seeking coverage. Simply put, these additions do a few things in the minds of an auto insurance provider. Firstly, you may be inadvertently disabling safety features when upgrading yourself. A racing steering wheel is smaller and designed for less punctuated turning. Mag wheels are designed for flash, not safety, and can be a liability when in an accident. They aren’t rated as highly for normal use, and can wear away much quicker than standard package rims.

The second consideration your auto insurance provider will review is what message you are sending out as far as street behavior is concerned. A flashy vehicle equates to a flashier driving style, one separated from the defensive style associated with average and stock package drivers. It may not be true in your case, but your insurance premiums will reflect a belief that you drive a bit on the wild side. In order to cover their potential liability, your auto insurance provider will take into account what car modifications you have made and charge you accordingly.

Consider Speaking With Your Auto Insurance Provider Before Adding Car Modifications

It is as simple as picking up the phone and talking with your auto insurance provider before adding anything else to your every day vehicle. If you share with your agent exactly what you would like to do, they can advise you and how those changes will affect your insurance premiums. They may not do much if anything at all, but being prepared for complete coverage should you be in an accident is worth the time. You probably won’t see any rate change if you simply add some racing stripes, but if you plan on adding a nitro system, prepare yourself for a bit of sticker shock.


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