Three Reasons NOT To Commit Insurance Fraud


In today’s world, it seems that everyone wants to make a gain through insurance fraud. The following article gives three reasons NOT to commit this crime.

Why You Shouldn’t Commit Insurance Fraud

Thousands of cases involving insurance fraud take place each year. For whatever reason, people become desperate and feel that this is the best way for them to gain money. If you have an insurance policy and are considering doing this, here are three reasons why you should NOT commit insurance fraud:

1. IT IS ILLEGAL– While this one should go without saying, it is amazing at the number of people who do not take the time to consider this. Doing something that purposely would make their insurance policy void and then lying about to claim the money IS ILLEGAL. There is no gray area!

2. YOU WILL GET CAUGHT– Crime investigation has come a long way since people first began committing insurance fraud. There are now specialized units within many insurance companies that investigate cases that appear to be an attempt to collect an insurance policy.

3. HAS HORRIBLE FUTURE IMPLICATIONS– Besides the obvious implication of being imprisoned if you are caught committing this crime, it will also have future implications on your ability to establish an insurance policy. Do you know how hard it is to get any company to trust you with a fraud charge on your criminal record? Commit this crime and you will be certain to find out.

In conclusion, lying about an insurance policy will only lead to negative consequences. While it may sound like a good idea at the time, insurance fraud is never truly a good act to go through with. You will get caught eventually and it will haunt your future. IT IS A CRIME! DO NOT DO IT!

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