Out-of-State Auto Insurance? No Problem…

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Out-of-State auto insurance is generally perceived as a major question for most people. Here, some of the major answers for this dilemma will be provided.

Essentials of Out-of-State Auto Insurance

Many questions abound on the issue of out-of-state auto insurance. Your auto insurance policy is already complicated enough. Avoid auto insurance penalties by knowing these essentials of out-of-state auto insurance general guidelines.

  • Buying a car a registered in one state but insured in another– if this is the case for you, in most cases this will not be an issue, however, it holds the possibility of developing into one. Some states will allow you to establish an auto insurance policy with a car that is bought out and has an out-of-state registration. To avoid auto insurance penalties though, it is best to register it as soon as possible in your own state.
  • Your are in the military stationed out-of-state and want to establish your out-of-state auto insurance using your home address– In most instances, if you are a military personal you will be allowed to have a declared state of residence. Depending on the company, you could possibly set up an auto insurance policy using your home address no matter where you are stationed. Keep in mind though, some states do require that if the vehicle is registered in that state, the insurance policy must be to avoid auto insurance penalties.
  • You are in college in a different state but wish to keep your insurance that is registered at your parent’s address– While the majority of states do require your insurance to be in the same state that your vehicle is registered, this is not always the case. With this issue, it really depends on the company that carries your insurance, check with them and see if you can use your parent’s home address on your auto insurance policy since you are a student attending college.
  • If you have a temporary job in another state but will be returning to your home state– If you have a temporary job elsewhere and wish to keep your policy in your home state, it would be worthwhile to check into what makes you a resident of the state you are working in because depending on the state, you may have to register your vehicle once you are a resident of the state. In this situation, it is best to check with the DMV in the state that you will be working.

Using these general guidelines, will keep you away from most auto insurance penalties if you have out-of-state auto insurance. However, the best practice is to always check with the local DMV.

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