Insane Laws That Could Affect Your Insurance

lawNobody wants to see their insurance rates climb because of a ticket. Even if there are some insane laws that could increase the rate on your insurance policy.

Top Five Laws That Don’t Make Sense

Laws are there for us to follow, no matter if they are the most insane laws you have ever heard. Sadly, receiving a ticket can make the insurance rates on your insurance policy climb through the roof. Here are the top seven laws that do not make sense (with some of them scary that they had to be enacted in the first place):

1. Ever had the urge to tie your child to the ski rack on the top of your car? Well, that is obviously illegal and a dumb thing to do. However, someone in Alaska apparently had the smart idea to do the same to their dog, at which point authorities decided to make the act illegal in the future.

2. On another note, it is illegal to drive your car through a playground in Georgia. You know that one local kid that annoys the crap out of you? Sorry, you won’t be able to run them over while they play, at least in Georgia.

3. In the horse race state of Kentucky, it is okay for a horse to burn shoes when they are taking off down the track. However, burning rubber in Derby, Kansas could actually land you 30 days in jail plus a fine.

4. If you happen to come across a gorilla while you are in Massachusetts, make sure they are riding in the front seat (buckled up of course). It is actually illegal in the state to operate a car any time that you have a gorilla in the backseat.

5. As disturbing as it may sound, it is perfectly legal in West Virginia to scavenge road kill. Possum stew anyone?

These are truly some insane laws. However, they are indeed laws in these states. So always make sure to keep your dog off your ski rack, buckle up King Kong in the front seat, and avoid driving through any playgrounds to keep the insurance rates on your insurance policy as low as possible.

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