If You Don’t Drive Much, You Need To Read This – You Could Save Big On Your Car Insurance!

If You Don't Drive Much, You Need To Read This - You Could Save Big On Your Car Insurance


The Distance You Drive Can Greatly Influence Your Insurance Rate

Depending on the distance you drive each week, you could easily revisit your insurance rate and reduce your monthly premiums through your car insurance provider/s. Someone who is on the road very little in comparison with the average driver is viewed as someone who is much less likely to be involved in an incident requiring an accident claim. It’s a simple concept, as the less a driver is on the road, the less likely it is they will be in an accident.

Note the Distance You Drive

If you feel you might for this category, then it’s time to contact your car insurance provider/s and have your agent revisit your rates. If the distances you drive were not part of your initial rate calculation, you may realize a reduction based on your lowered risk. Over an average week’s period, carry a notebook with you and jot down the times and miles you are behind the wheel. The numbers may actually surprise you. Once you have this information, call your agent and start the conversation. It comes down to a logical formula, where your good driving habits coupled with your time on the road may see a reduction in insurance rate.

Renegotiate Your Insurance Rate with Your Car Insurance Provider/s

As a point of habit, you should never be satisfied with your current auto insurance premium rate. Situations change, and when they do, you should ensure your rates change with them. Your risk factor can be lowered for every year you go without filing a claim or getting a moving violation. And if you are finding yourself riding the bus most days and only using the car for groceries on the weekends, your car insurance provider/s company should be in the know. This allows them to re-evaluate your risk level and consider a reduction in rate. If they come back and say they can’t, then take your policy information as well as your weekly tally for miles driven and begin shopping around. The insurance business is highly competitive for customers and you may very well find another company willing to offer the same protection for a considerable amount less if only to gain your business. Your insurance should not only keep you well protected, but be something that reflects your driving habits.

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