Head to Head Online Auto Insurance Vs. Auto Insurance With An Agent

In recent years, online auto insurance has become a big deal, but should you really be purchasing your insurance with an agent?

Online Vs. In Person

While it seems that many insurance companies are pushing you to purchase online auto insurance, this may not always be the best option. While it is true that it can provide numerous discounts and is very easy, auto insurance with an agent could be the better choice during some circumstances.

Some auto insurance agents have the capability to offer deep discounts for memberships or certifications that you will not be able to get from an online auto insurance provider. Furthermore, auto insurance with an agent may provide discounts for belonging to a fraternity, sorority or other group. This is also true if you are currently a student that is enrolled in school.

Online auto insurance also falls short on their ability to bundle policies at times. While some providers do offer this option, an auto insurance agent may provide with a deeper discount than you ever thought possible. It also could prevent instances of double coverage.

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of auto insurance with an agent is the ability to take negotiate the policy that they give you with an online auto insurance provider. Many of the instances that this happens, you will be able to take the policy back to the agent and they will find a way to either beat it or match it. Not to mention,  many online auto insurance companies offer only generic policies. However, getting auto insurance with an agent allows for the ability to create a one of a kind policy that fits snugly with what you need and want in an auto insurance policy. When it comes to auto insurance, it is best to get exactly the policy that you want / need and an agent offers the opportunity to do this.

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