Did You Know Students Can Get Good Discounts From Car Insurers?

Students can get good discounts on car insurance

Students can get good discounts on car insurance


As daunting as researching your first foray into cheap auto insurance is, it doesn’t need to be a nightmare. It is true that young drivers pay a little more on their auto insurance premiums each month than more mature drivers, but there are also unique programs available to reduce costs only available to young policy holders. On top of maintaining a good driving record and reviewing the safety and security features your car may have with your insurance agent, you can also realize a student discount on car insurance.

Applying a Student Discount on Car Insurance

Through an application with most auto insurers, young drivers can in fact realize great savings by filing as a student. These programs recognize high school, college, and trade schools as eligible for discounting. The premise is that a young driver who is on an education path is less of a risk for coverage than someone who is not in school. Drivers who are eligible for these cheap auto insurance programs can participate up to the age of 25, and that could very well mean going all the way through graduate school.

Other factors feed into the formula for discounted student rates other than simply participating in education. The logic is that students in a school program are on the road less, and maintain their vehicles with greater care than those not attending. Also, students are more likely to park their vehicles on campus, where security is a factor in keeping parking lots safe. This leads to a reduction in theft percentages and therefore stolen vehicle claims.

Cheap Auto Insurance

Students can also realize lowered rates by being attached to their parent’s policies. They would be responsible for their own premium payments in most cases, but your insurance company has the added benefit of a mature driver being on the policy. Students would only want to realize this benefit if their parents had a decent driving record, of course.

You can also find a student discount on car insurance by partaking in safe driving classes, designed to teach advanced safety driving techniques including defensive driving. This demonstrates to your insurance company that you are dedicated to driving on the road as a conscientious and safety minded driver, lowering your risk of getting into an accident or racking up speeding tickets.

Speak with your insurance agent to learn what discounts are available to you. A short phone call could translate into big savings.  You might like to check out Nationwide Insurance and get a quote from them and compare with other insurers.  They seem to offer a good discount if you’re a good student!

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